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20 Feb 2014

We use a wide variety of technology and media to help our clients tell their stories. Here’s one of our latest B2B product marketing videos produced for a client over the last few months. Everything you see is meticulously storyboarded, scripted, modelled and animated to deliver this high end result. A series of these videos are […]

19 Dec 2013

The positive stream of online media choices and the ever increasing willingness for people to adopt them means that, for businesses to be a success online they need to create a different kind of relationship with their customers and then manage carefully nature it. As consumers and decision makers we receive our information online, process […]

2 Nov 2013

Following our previous blog post on Search Engine Optimisation – here’s an outline from The Energy Cell into some of the basic principles of conversion optimisation – another important element of online marketing strategy. As well as investing efforts to help improve the quantity and quality of traffic coming to your site, another hurdle is […]

22 Oct 2013

With the recent redesign of a certain iconic blue bird setting many people atwitter, we thought we’d take a look into just how effective company mascots can be, what it takes to make them a success and how to know if they are right for your business. If your business is targeted at a younger […]

3 Jul 2012

From food, to fashion, to furniture, many of Britain’s biggest brands and businesses are capitalising on the boom in national pride by adding a red, white and blue twist to their marketing campaigns. With the recent Diamond Jubilee and upcoming summer of festivities, it’s impossible to miss the veritable explosion of Union Jacks on the […]

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