3 Jul 2012

Brands of Britain: Could British pride add value to your marketing campaign?

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From food, to fashion, to furniture, many of Britain’s biggest brands and businesses are capitalising on the boom in national pride by adding a red, white and blue twist to their marketing campaigns.

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With the recent Diamond Jubilee and upcoming summer of festivities, it’s impossible to miss the veritable explosion of Union Jacks on the marketing and advertising scene. Now, as the Queen’s Jubilee tour comes to its end, the excess of bunting and royal themed gimmicks are starting to die down – but the emphasis on the summer of sport is still going strong.

Embracing this sense of Britishness in your marketing efforts can be a great way of celebrating what your company is bringing to the mix – whether that’s a summer sale, a new product range or simply your longstanding heritage as a British business.

Before considering tying your marketing in with this sense of national pride, evaluate whether or not your business lends itself to this type of campaign. If your business has a strong background, then summer 2012 is a great opportunity to celebrate with the rest of the country. If being British is not at the heart of your business, it’s probably not the right direction for your marketing efforts – and may make you look like you’re jumping on the bandwagon.

A vintage slant can tap into a sense of nostalgia, a subtly placed flag can gently remind customers of your history and experience and, if skillfully executed, a full-blown campaign can really get your brand noticed. In a time of economic recession, a chance for British celebration is always going to be well received but before contemplating relating any of your campaigns to London 2012, be fully aware of the rules surrounding the use of Olympic reference in advertising*.

Consumer-facing businesses are more likely to benefit than B2B, but a British twist can add real value to any brand if implemented properly – so as with any promotional marketing or new campaign direction, it’s always advisable to get the professionals involved. For some specialist advice, just get in touch with a member of the team here at The Energy Cell – we’ll be able to help move your business in the right direction.

*All of the official names, phrases, trade marks, logos and designs related to the 2012 Games and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements (collectively referred to as the ‘Games’ Marks’) are protected by law in a variety of ways. For more details visit: http://www.london2012.com/about-us/our-brand/using-the-brand/

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