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4 Apr 2012

‘With SumoPaint you can Create, Share and Remix your Images. It is the the most versatile painting and photo manipulation application online. Currently it has more than 1 Million monthly active users and a vibrant community. We help people to communicate and tell stories visually. Our first products are SumoPaint and SumoCover.’ Developed in Finland, SumoPaint is a free and […]

22 Feb 2012

‘Odosketch seeks to recreate the decidedly non-digital experience of working with a sketchbook. Its papery textures, variety of brushes and intentional imperfections make you forget you’re working on a screen.’ Odosketch is a digital canvas application that uses flash, created by the San Fransico based digital marketing company Odopod. You can use Odosketch to create […]

17 Feb 2012

The evolution of ideas is rarely a linear process: it is a winding journey fuelled by the input of multiple minds, an abundance of research, a surplus of ideas and a lot of critical feedback – all feeding into and reworking the project until it becomes the final finished piece. For every finely tuned and […]

8 Feb 2012

‘500px is a photographic community powered by creative people from all over the world that lets you share and discover inspiring photographs.’   Whether you are a photographer yourself or just a fan of amazing photography, 500px is a busy online community bursting with galleries full of fantastic, high quality images. If you just want […]

31 Jan 2012

Taking inspiration from our previous post, useful websites for creatives, here’s a more comprehensive look at exactly how you can combat the ‘blank page syndrome’ that periodically hinders people in their attempts at creative expression. For people in the creative industry, the ability to come up with an abundance of ideas is clearly essential, but the […]

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