17 Feb 2012

The Value of Planning: The Work behind the Creative Process

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The evolution of ideas is rarely a linear process: it is a winding journey fuelled by the input of multiple minds, an abundance of research, a surplus of ideas and a lot of critical feedback – all feeding into and reworking the project until it becomes the final finished piece. For every finely tuned and polished outcome, there will be a whole host of discarded, rejected and undeveloped ideas left along the way, all enthusiastically created and put together before being cast aside in favour of the perfect solution. This is the nature of creation: initially the aim is to create a bounty of ideas, then consistently filter, fuse and fine tune them until you have created something that fulfils all the necessary elements of the brief.

For this reason, the planning stage of any project is invaluable. Although you may already have a clear idea in mind of exactly what you think the outcome will be, ideas can invariably be developed and improved – so with effective planning you could end up with an incredibly successful final solution that is far-removed from your original intentions. This is the function of the design and marketing agency: as a client, you present a brief of what it is you want and what you want to achieve – our job is to interpret this, to apply our knowledge and expertise, and provide you with an innovative solution that will set you apart from your competition and guarantee you achieve the results that you need.

To ensure this process is as efficient and effective as possible, we make sure we ask all the right questions, quickly absorbing and processing all the relevant information about your business and industry. We then take this information, added together with our own detailed research, and work with you as a client to define the objectives and end goals of the project.

Once these aims have been clearly established, we ensure that the messaging is perfectly in keeping with your brand and then agree upon the precise direction the project should take. After this, we start producing and evolving ideas, ensuring they firmly adhere to the end goals…and all this comes before even attempting to embark upon the design stage!

We hope that we have given you an interesting insight into the vital planning behind the creative process: please note that as an experienced design and marketing agency, we have refined and perfected our methods based upon what we have discovered works best for ourselves and our clients – this is not an all-encompassing account of how the planning process works in the industry! If you are interested in working with The Energy Cell or have a specific project you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact the team via our Contact Page!

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