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14 Aug 2009

It dosen’t sound that long ago but when you see how some of the most popular websites looked in the late 90’s you’ll be amazed. Check them out here

14 Aug 2009

Microsoft has announced that it intends on supporting it’s ageing IE6 browser till 2014, 4 years later than it’s original deadline! I’m absolutely over the moon about this and I intend to organise a celebration, and invite all my web professional peers, where we can dance through the streets and rejoice! ;-). Obviously…I won’t be […]

21 Jul 2009

As we’ve recently re-launched our site, I’ve been polishing our SEO techniques and I’ve come across a great FF plugin which has helped me out no end. It’s called ‘Search Status’ and can be found at: Once plugged in it reveals the Google Page Rank and Alexa rankings for the page currently visiting. And […]

1 Jul 2009

I think CSS is the best thing since sliced bread, but sometimes I do find it a bit repetitive, and without a boilerplate or snippet for absolutely everything, it can take a while to achieve the results you want. But with a great new Ruby add on called LESS you can now create leaner, meaner […]

25 Jun 2009

The million dollar question is: How do I get to the top of Google? If I had a penny for every time a client had asked me this I would be writing this blog laid in a hammock on Necker Island…but I’m not. Getting your site full of good content, looking great and working is […]

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