13 Jun 2012

Website of the Week – Smashing Magazine

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‘Founded in September 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development. We try to persuade you not with the quantity but with the quality of the information we present.’

Smashing Magazine is a well-known online magazine with a reputation for informative and interesting content – and here at The Energy Cell, we love the articles so much… we had to write about it!

As a magazine with over 4 million monthly users, its one of the most successful magazines for creative professionals – but is equally as valuable for anyone with a passion for design and technology, with endless articles covering coding, design, mobile, graphics, UX design and wordpress.

Strict guidelines about the articles that are published means Smashing Magazine ensures readers are presented with only high quality content; so whether you’re interested in the more technical stuff, or simply looking for fresh ideas and inspiration on areas such as copywriting, typography, navigation, user experience and much more, you’re practically guaranteed to find useful and entertaining articles on topics that interest you! Check it out – we bet you’ll love it just as much as we do.

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