31 May 2012

The Energy Cell’s Top Tourism Sites From Around the World

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With the British sunshine finally making a tentative appearance and our passion for cutting edge web design ever burning …we thought we’d take a look into some of the best-designed and most engaging tourist sites from across the globe! Here are just some of the favourites hand-picked by different members of the team…

New Zealand

Our favourite site by far, the user experience of New Zealand’s tourism site goes way beyond expectations, with a highly original, fresh and engaging approach to showing what New Zealand has to offer. And we have to say… we’d love to go!


A thorough and easy to navigate site with excellent photography, nice icons and a bright and cheerful colour palette, the Brittany tourism site goes the extra mile to show that they have something for everyone.


The Hawaiian Islands site is definitely one the friendliest: with the tagline ‘The People of Hawaii would like to share their islands with you’ and its tropical design, you almost feel like you’re on holiday already!  One of the great things about this site is the option to create an account, so you can make your own personal itinerary and ensure you don’t miss out on anything Hawaii has to offer.


Simple and sophisticated, with modern photography and no unnecessary clutter, Spain’s site has a personal and intimate feel. The homepage invites the reader to ‘Conoce’ or ‘Know’ Spain, with a simple to use navigation and frequently updated invitations to visit events, specific regions and enter competitions to win trips to Spain.


With a retro scrapbook feel, the tourism site for Tennessee is always current, focusing on upcoming events and social network links.  The architecture of the Things To Do section is one of the best we’ve seen, allowing you to view by type of activity, seasonal attractions and visitor type… so you’re guaranteed to find something of interest!

Furthermore, Tennessee’s spring vacation site, based around a variety of outdoor activities, is brilliantly designed and executed with a bold use of colourful graphics and photography.  The site is fun, energetic and really shouts adventure – so even if you’re not a fishing fanatic, you can still enjoy the experience of the site.

Developing fantastic looking, functional and future-proof websites is what we’re all about here at The Energy Cell, so we enjoy exploring the best of what’s out there on the World Wide Web as much as visiting the world’s best tourist hotspots. So, if you have your own favourites, please comment and share them with the team! And if you’re looking to embark on a web design project of your own, just get in touch to see what we can do for you… we’re always happy to share our expertise!

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