25 Apr 2012

Website of the Week – Instructables.com

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Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others.’

Energy Cell Website of the Week - Instructables.com

With a tagline ‘Make, How to, DIY’, if you have an interest in making and creating, then Instructables.com is the place to be! From technology, to living, to food, there are a wide variety of user uploaded ideas in different categories – ranging from the incredibly useful, to the interesting, inspiring, creative and even the comical. You can share all of your projects, skills and ideas by uploading photos, step-by-step instructions or links to videos – so if you enjoy embarking on projects, Instructables is a great place to browse for inspiration and help develop your own hobbies.

The foundation of the Instructables site is the sense of community. By creating an account, users can not only upload their own ideas, but join in other activities such as the contests and challenges, or ask specific questions on the forums to other members of the community. With over 10+ million monthly visitors, there is a great atmosphere on the site, allowing you to communicate with a huge community of like-minded creatives. So for a site that it is full of inspiration, and generally great ideas, check it out today and ‘share what you make’!

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