23 Apr 2012

The Art and Science behind High Quality Web Design

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As a specialist web design and marketing agency, one of the questions we are frequently asked upfront is ‘How much does a website cost?’. This is one of life’s questions that can only be answered by asking a series of other questions… because each site needs to be tailored to the individual client’s needs and, more importantly, the needs of their end audience.

Thankfully, most customers realise that nowadays a shoestring budget will only get you a basic site, as when it comes to creating a high performing website you do generally have to spend some money to make money! On the other hand, a quality website does not have to cost a fortune – it is always worth paying more for a design agency that will give you the right ideas, advice and delivery and get it right the first time, rather than attempt to cut corners and end up having to create a new site all over again if your business develops or grows. Furthermore, a quality site will ultimately pay for itself: if well-designed, well-marketed, created to the highest web standards and properly optimised for both SEO and conversion – then you should see a positive ROI. In terms of design, naturally your site needs to be an extension of your brand.

The basic key elements of any good site are a professional, modern and engaging experience, ease of navigation and consistency: all aspects of which should be covered by good solid graphic design and creative talent. Your site is often the first point of contact with potential customers and as such is a space in which to show your expertise, provide information and effectively showcase your products or services. For this reason, a highly polished and professional site will help prove you are a trusted business and reassure customers that they can purchase products and services from your site with confidence.

Good web design is not simply about how the page looks – functionality is crucial. The site should have reasonable loading times and be thoroughly browser tested to work with all browsers, including mobile devices. It also needs to be user-friendly, accessible and law compliant (including to cater for the new cookie legislation). A good agency should always recommend and provide you with appropriate, reliable and cost effective technological solutions, including a Content Management System that has the necessary features and functionality to suit the needs of your business and clients.

The finely tuned art and science behind getting all the elements right for your business’ website are skills gained through many years of experience, which is why the support of a specialist web design agency like the Energy Cell is invaluable. A good design agency will offer you more than just a finished product, but a comprehensive service package: providing you with advice, support, a strategy and plenty of time to get to know you and your brand inside out – so they can provide you with the best possible results and maximise your ROI.

If you want to gain the online edge over your competition, then there really is no substitution for a high quality website… and when it comes to quality web design, there really is no substitution for an experienced design agency. To see some of the websites we have produced, check out our portfolio. If you would like more information or to have a project you would like to discuss – then contact the team today!

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