12 Apr 2012

Is your website legal? Complying with the EU Cookie Law

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On the 25 May 2011, the UK introduced the EU amendments to the ‘Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive’. This means a change in the law regarding the way in which your site uses cookies, so that websites must now seek permission from their users before they can use this type of technology.

UK Companies were then given a one year grace period to become compliant with these changes. Therefore, the deadline for making your website cookie law compliant is the 25th May 2012. After this date, you could face a fine of up to £500,000 – a massive increase from the previous maximum fine of just £5000.

So, what are cookies?

> Cookies are small files which are placed on your equipment, including computers, laptops and mobile devices.

> They are designed for storing and collection information and are used for a variety of purposes, from analytics to advertising. However, in some cases the use of cookies is essential, such as for remembering the items that a user has placed in a shopping basket.

> This is why cookies themselves have not been made illegal – but users must now be more fully informed about what cookies are are being used and exactly how their activities are being monitored.

How can I make sure my site is legal? 

The new regulations have left many people confused, with many major companies still remaining mysterious about how they intend to update their websites. However, as the deadline creeps ever closer, ignoring the problem just isn’t an option: as the official ICO guidance states, ‘This isn’t going away. It’s the law.’

If you need more information and help on making sure your website is compliant with the EU Cookie legislation by the upcoming deadline, get in contact with our team at the Energy Cell as soon as possible!

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