17 Jun 2009

I’ve got a hunch about this one

In: Stuff & Nonsense

Can’t decide what to wear for that hot date, which new search engine to try next or where to soak up the sun this summer….? Then let hunch make your decisions for you.

Why spend precious moments making a decision for yourself when the co – founder of flickr, Caterina Fake has developed a site that will do it for you. No more flipping of coins, consulting crystal balls or reading tea leaves, the decision making device we have all be waiting for has arrived!

The site uses its own algorithms along with traits it has learnt about you from a series of seemingly random questions to help you make almost any decision you can possibly think of. In addition to that, and what makes hunch so interesting, is that once it provides you with an answer  you can view the top 5 results, read other users pros and cons about the result and also edit the results if you feel they are not accurate in a similar way to Wikipedia. From this user input hunch increases the relevancy of its results and is more accurate when helping you and other users make decisions. In theory the more input from users the more accurate its decision making becomes.

Now I’m not sure i’ll be a regular hunch user, rice crispies versus coco pops is a decision I feel ready to make myself even at 7am, however it is a fun site and I’m really not sure how much longer I would have lasted without knowing which super hero I am (‘the white queen’ in case you were wondering) I’m ready to bet plenty of web users will have it added to their favourites already.

Check it out for yourself at www.hunch.com

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